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Beaches of Elba:

There are more than 70 beaches and coves on this small island, offering swimmers and sunbathers a wealth of crystal clear waters to choose from. Not all beaches are masses of white sand, and the ones that are can be very crowded in the summer season. However you will find plenty of beaches that are a mixture of soft sand and polished pebbles – quiet enough even in peak season to loose yourself in Elba. At most newsstands you can find maps detailing the variety of Elba beaches all over the island, including the type and size – and any road sign with a brown background, blue squiggly lines and the word ‘spiaggia’ generally means ‘you can swim here’ implying a beach is nearby.

Central Elba: Northern Coast
Le Ghiaie – town beach can be crowded but generally nice if you have a few hours to kill
Capo Bianco – dramatic and framed with white rocks
La Sorgente – soft white gravely beach with no facilities but beautifully clear waters
Sansone – not far from La Sorgente, very similar clear water and generally even quieter
Capo d’Enfola – recommended for manmade artefacts such as WWII bunkers. Good for hiking
Biodola – one of Elba’s best, soft white sand that extends for over 600m – gentle grade so safe for families but due to this it can be crowded in peak season
Procchio – 1km long stretch of golden sand, close to town centre but can be busy. Lots of watersportshere and snack bars etc –a good day out!

Central Elba: Southern Coast
Galenzana – close to Marina di Campo town, golden sand beach, very quiet. Driving is not possible so you must walk
Marina di Campo – 1500m stretch of soft white sand, very busy but brilliant for water sports and boat rentals
Lacona – good for campers, long stretch of white sand and calm
Felciaio – sandy shores and shallow reefs make this a diver’s heaven!

Western Elba
Cotoncello – small cove, smooth reefs and a lovely place to swim.
Fetovaia – small inlet is very pretty but very busy for its tiny size
Cavoli - beautiful scenery and crystal clear water – its something from a postcard.

Eastern Elba
Barbarossa – sandy cove, name derives from the Greek pirate Barbarossa who once docked here

Cavo – clean and quiet and close to bars and
Nisportino – calm and peaceful with spectacular views

Diving and snorkelling in Elba:

Elba must be one of the most pristine places to dive in the Mediterranean. Most of the dives are boat based allowing for less crowded spots and clearer seas. Wildlife to spot include Wrasses, Baraccudas, Groupers, Sun Fish, Eagle Rays, Sponches, Seafans and a variety of corals. There is also a famous wreck dive, ‘The Elviscot’ – about 12m deep shore based. Due to its shallow depth it’s a safe, calm and visibly stunning site. One of the finest sites is ‘Formiche della Zanca’ which has many different routes for the diver around various emerging rocks.

Snorkelling is known as ‘sea-watching’, and there is no better place to do it than in Elba! Clear waters teaming with wildlife and underwater gardens all waiting to be explored. Without the heavy diving gear, snorkelling allows a much more ‘free’ experience, just moving on the surface of the water, admiring the world below, occasionally taking a breath and diving down to observe a school of fish – you could do it for hours! Most beaches and resorts offer gear to hire- all you need is a mask and snorkel, and perhaps some fins to help you move quicker through the water. Many also offers guides to ensure maximum safety and the best spots to snorkel.

To enquire further about diving or snorkelling in Elba, please get in touch and we can assist

Kayaking in Elba

Probably one of the most peaceful ways to explore Elba would be to rent a kayak and gently paddle around the various coves and inlets this remarkable island has to offer. There’s approximately 147km of stunning coastline to explore, all relatively safe and easy to do – although beginners are advised to take a lesson at least or go with an organised tour group.

The conditions are always warm and welcoming. Guided trips are flexible and well organised. Most mariners provide courses for beginners and the more experienced, and there are daily excursions during peak season.

To enquire more about kayaking in Elba, please click here

Boat trips in Elba

Coves, cliffs, beaches, grottos – it’s all here on Elba. And the best way to view them all whilst keeping your feet dry? A boat trip of course! The 147km of coastline mean there are a wide variety of boat trips to take you to all the hot spots.

There are daily tours which take an entire tour of the island or you can go on shorter tours to certain grottos/bays. There are also tours which take you further out to see dolphins or blue whales.

Fishing trips are also available and you can go out on a working trailer boat and listen to the tales of working fisherman from throughout the years – quite an experience!

You can circumnavigate the Island by speedboat and stop for lunch in a nice restaurant by the sea:
Forno and Clanova being the five star areas and stunning beaches. For a more lively afternoon, you can sail to Porto Azzurro, Portoferraio or Marina di Campo, all have great shopping and interesting places to visit.

For more details on boat trips to Elba, please click here